Mechanical design

Take ten years expertise to work on your project! Quadratik E&C has a wealth of practical knowledge from boilermaking workshops and the know-how of a specialist Industrial Art engineer to take care of your mechanical designs. Our excellence in this field has already led us to work in sectors ranging from the aeronautical industry to contemporary art.

Mechanical calculation and Eurocode sizing

Some of your project can be allowed to be improvised: Quadratik E&C supports you in their treatment. In particular, we offer a range of design office services, including machine dimensioning and structural steelwork calculations. We can also provide the technical justifications required for projects submitted to the inspection office. Our knowledge of civil engineering standards will optimize your projects.

Project management

To concentrate on the design of your projects, outsource their management. Quadratik E&C will act as your interface to deal with your customers and suppliers and get the most out of them. Our experience in managing multiple heterogeneous projects will allow you to define which budget line will be most interesting for you. We can also ensure the planning of the different stages leading up to completion.

Factory / installation management

Let's get your employees to realize the most extraordinary works! With Quadratik E&C, you'll find the field player to coordinate all your projects. With more than five years' managerial experience in workshops and on construction sites, our familiarity with the various manual and technical trades enables us to manage them in optimum conditions.

Turnkey projects

Starting with an idea, a desire or a requirement, Quadratik E&C offers you a range of solutions for your entire project. With our network of partners and subcontractors already renowned for their skills and reliability, we can offer you a complete package of turnkey services.